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protests in spain

Anti Tourist Protests in Spain

Protests in Spain

Tourist spots in both Barcelona and Majorca have been targeted by the militant group Arran. In Barcelona, a tour bus was attacked and daubed with graffiti, luxury hotel windows have been smashed. In Palma, restaurants used by tourists have been attacked.

Tourist Saturation

Although Spain’s wider economy continues to struggle, tourism is booming, visitor numbers were up over 10% for the first six months. Mass tourism is putting pressure on services and it’s claimed pricing locals out of the housing market particularly due to services such as Airbnb.

The left-wing anti-capitalist groups behind the protests claim that the concerns of the local population are being ignored.


Spain’s Prime Minister and Civic leaders have strongly condemned the actions. Tourism is a major employer in Spain and its Islands accounting for 12% of the economy. Tourist chiefs are expressing their concerns.


It seems likely that there will be more protests in Spain. They are thankfully rare. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is not giving any specific guidance. FCO Travel it’s wise though to be vigilant and avoid areas of high risk.

Although it’s Spain making headlines for the wrong reasons, peaceful protests have been held in Venice another city where tourism is booming.