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An essential road safety guide for understanding driver fatigue

Staying safe on the roads is a shared responsibility among anyone who uses them. Cyclists, motorists, pedestrians and other road users need to understand the rules in place and work together to apply them when out and about.

Rules around road safety encapsulate so many different aspects of driving, from forming good habits at night to understanding laws around drunk driving. One aspect that’s often overlooked is the dangerous prospect of feeling tired behind the wheel. Whether it’s after a particularly challenging day at work or for an early morning airport run, we’ve all probably felt a little less alert when driving than we ideally would have. However, drowsiness can affect us in a number of ways that could make driving more dangerous, from slower reaction times to poor decision-making.

This in-depth guide produced by Hendy offers a comprehensive overview of how tiredness can affect driver safety. It highlights key statistics that demonstrate the link between the two, as well as the prevalence of drowsy driving on UK roads. For example, it’s estimated that fatigue could be a contributory factor in as many as a quarter of all fatal and serious road accidents. And, worryingly, 13% of respondents to one survey admitted to having fallen asleep behind the wheel at some point in their lives.

No one is immune from fatigue, but there are lots of measures all drivers can take to mitigate the potential impact it can have while driving. This informative guide is a great place to start, by offering practical tips and advice that every driver should consider. It also discusses some of the leading causes of drowsy driving, from relevant medical conditions right down to your dietary choices. However long you’ve had your licence, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory when it comes to road safety. To find out more information, you can read the guide in its entirety here.

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