4 Of The Most Scenic Destinations For Proposals In Europe

When you’re planning to propose, many different locations and set-ups go through your mind as, unsurprisingly, you want the moment to be extremely special and memorable. Not many people choose to pop the question at home, instead choosing a location which is special to them as a couple. If you’re planning to get down on one knee, there are many beautiful and wonderful locations around Europe which you should consider for proposing. From adventurous walks, beautiful picnic locations and historic settings, there are so many destinations around Europe to consider.

Terrass Hotel, Paris

The Eiffel Tower, and Paris in general, is an extremely popular destination for romantic partners wanting to pop the question. Some people argue that this somewhat spoils the moment, as it isn’t uncommon to spot one or two other couples getting engaged at the same time. Whilst the Eiffel Tower is a must-see, if you are wanting to propose in Paris, then there are so many other beautiful locations to choose from.

The rooftop of the Terrass Hotel in Montmarte has a stunning backdrop, with views spreading across Paris, making it a perfect location for getting down on one knee. The restaurant is reasonably priced and if you get in touch in advance and let them know of your plans, they will put some champagne on ice for your arrival. Then, once you’ve popped the question, you can both sit back, sip champagne, take in the views and admire the ring!

Reykjavik, Iceland

If you want a moment which is truly unforgettable, then why not consider heading to Iceland and chasing down the Northern Lights? This is perhaps one of the most unreliable options and does take some pre-planning, but if it works out, then you’ll have an extra-special moment to remember. It is recommended that the best time to see the Northern Lights is between September and April when the skies are clearer, but seeing the Lights isn’t always guaranteed.

Whether you join a tour, hire a car or just want to try your luck and walk around the city of Reykjavik, be sure you are dressed comfortably and warm – in the evenings, the temperatures can drop to anything as low as -12º, but this makes it easier to disguise a shiny piece of diamond jewellery in a pocket!

Orange Tree Garden on Aventine Hill, Rome

If you’re planning a trip to Rome and you want to propose, then the usual tourist hotspots, such as the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps, are likely to be very busy. This can somewhat ruin the moment if you’re being pushed or stepped on. There are many beautiful places to visit in Rome, but if you want an atmospheric and romantic location, then The Giardino, or the Orange Garden on Aventine Hill, is the perfect place.

Take a bottle of wine, grab a picnic and admire the views across Rome. Dusk is a magical time to visit, with a beautiful glow across the city. After you’ve popped the question, why not head to the nearby Raphael Hotel for a celebratory drink?

Lake Of Love, Bruges

Bruges is a city that is almost straight out of a fairytale, with picturesque streets, lively squares and historic buildings. The “Lake of Love” is an enchanting spot in the middle of Minnewaterpark in the centre of the city, surrounded by trees and quaint houses.

Legend has it that if you cross the bridge over the lake and kiss your loved one, then your love will last forever – making it the perfect proposal location. You could also consider renting or hiring one of the canal boats which takes you around the city via the waterways. The evenings in Bruges are truly magical, thanks to the lights and atmosphere, and what better way to propose than just the two of you together taking in the sights.

Planning a proposal correctly is important, as it is likely to be one of the most memorable moments of your life, for both you and your partner. Ensuring that everything goes as stress-free as possible is important so that you don’t get overwhelmed or do something you might regret. Do your planning and preparation well in advance, sort out a hotel or romantic accommodation using a luxury travel guide for your destination of choice, make any dinner reservations well in advance and hide the ring as well as you can!

Guest Contributor: Natalie Wilson

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