5 Essentials to Bring with You on Your Upcoming European City Break

Thousands upon thousands of us love to jump on a plane and head on a city break every year. Whether you’re drawn to the romance of Paris, all the chocolate in Brussels, or the underground caves Budapest has to offer, whatever city you head to, packing the essentials for your trip is a must. That way, you won’t leave anything important behind.

Whether you’re going on a romantic weekend getaway or staying a little longer, here are some of the basics you need to pack in your hand luggage or suitcase, so you’ve got everything covered.

Debit Card/Credit Card

Even if you’ve converted some cash into the local currency and feel you have enough for your trip, it’s always best to bring your debit/credit card along for the ride. Sure, you can budget for your city break, but there’s always the risk of spending beyond your means. You don’t want to run the risk of running out of cash halfway through your adventure, so make sure you’ve got a card with you to withdraw funds if necessary. Be warned that you may be charged a fee for withdrawing.


Whether it’s your boarding pass, travel insurance, or EHIC/GHIC card, make sure you’ve got the relevant paperwork with you before going on your European city break. Travel insurance in particular will provide protection should you fall ill while away or lose your luggage. Check out websites like which can help you find travel insurance. They compare a wide variety of travel insurance providers to help you secure the best policy.


While we’re sure you’re going to cram in lots of fun activities during your city break, you’re bound to have some downtime too. When you’re in your hotel room, you’ll want to have your gadgets on you so you have things to keep you entertained. Of course, your smartphone will be number one, but why not bring along an iPad too? When you’re on the plane, having noise-cancelling headphones with you will be a godsend. Obviously don’t pack every gadget you’ve got, otherwise, you won’t have room to pack anything else!

Weather Appropriate Clothing

You must pack weather-appropriate clothing for your European city break. Understandably, you’re not going to pack your bikini or shorts if you’re going somewhere chilly in winter! Make sure to check the weather forecast out before the packing begins. Doing so will help you pack accordingly. Bring enough clothing, underwear, and shoes to last you the entire trip.


As well as your clothes, don’t forget to pack your toiletry bag – you don’t want to arrive at your hotel and find your toothbrush is thousands of miles away! As long as you’ve got the basics like a hairbrush, razor, and deodorant, you should be fine. Remember to check the size of all fluids if travelling by air for security restrictions too!

If you have an upcoming city break on the horizon, now is the time to get excited and pack! Regardless of how long you’re away for, as long as you’ve got the necessities above on hand, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your trip and make long-lasting memories with loved ones.

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