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Can a scientific formula help book the perfect holiday?

What makes the perfect holiday?

According to research commissioned by Eurocamp a new formula has been developed to help holidaymakers plan for the best holiday ever.


The formula has been developed by psychologist David Holmes and is based upon two major factors, anticipation and memories. The theory suggests that to get the most out of a holiday;

  • Book at least 120 days in advance
  • Plan at least one new activity per day of the holiday

So how does the theory work?

The psychologist’s formula has been created from the following two sub-values. Apparently, when we do new or different activities we can create ‘episodic memories. These are more often cherished and more memorable than if we were to do the same thing everyday. The build up or anticipation of a holiday and the creation of ‘expected memories’ is the other deciding factor. Therefore, suggesting that the key is the number and variety of different activities whilst on holiday and the length of time before the holiday.

Eurocamp have now used the formula to create an online widget to calculate the expected enjoyment of your holiday by answering four simple questions. You will then be given tips on how to improve your holiday experience.

So what do you think travellers, do you think there’s some logic behind this theory or do you think the enjoyment of your holiday is down to you?

Do get in touch to start the discussion; we look forward to hearing from you.

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