6 Best Places To Visit In Birmingham

Britain’s second-largest city Birmingham beckons tourists with its colourful culture and rich heritage. The history linked with the city of Birmingham, paired its recreational activities makes it amongst a few top destinations loved by visitors across the globe. Considering the countless places the city of Birmingham is home to, it often becomes difficult for tourists to figure out the best places to visit in the city, so to make this task easier, we’ve put together a list of 6 must-visit places in Birmingham.

Sadly all of these places are temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 situation at the moment, but hopefully this will change soon – if not, be sure to make your first visit to the best lawyer in Birmingham!

  1. Victoria Square and Birmingham City Center

This public square is the heart of the city and you can explore landmarks, sculptures, and Mistry’ fountain. Victoria Square was previously called Council House Square and it is home to the Symphony Hall which has a beautiful auditorium. On the west side is the  Town Hall, which is also famous concert venue. Take time to admire the Corinthian Columns and buildings surrounding the square. The Council House is situated on the north side of the square.  Don’t forget to visit Big Brum/Clock Tower, which is popular because of its resemblance to Big Ben. The Victoria Squares breathtaking artwork offers plenty of photography opportunities for avid photographers. There’s also a 6-meter tall iron-man statue and a statue of Queen Victoria designed by Thomas Brock. You can visit Victoria Square to enjoy different cultural events and delicious food or shop for your favourite treats at the annual Christmas market.

  1. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Inaugurated in 1885, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is one of the most popular places to visit in Birmingham. The art gallery has a collection of fine arts, jewellery, metalwork, and ceramics. Also, it showcases pre-raphaealite artwork. The art gallery is governed by Birmingham Museums Trust, which is one of the largest independent trusts in the UK. The gallery also includes artistic displays relating to prehistoric assets dating back to the Stone Age. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery also has an extensive collection of antiquities. These antiquities include exclusive coins from ancient times. Also, it includes artefacts from ancient Egypt, Cyprus, and Asia. The Pinto Collection includes hundreds of thousands of wooden toys. The Ikon Gallery is a modern art museum that is a heaven for contemporary art lovers.

  1. National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham is home to more than 2,000 extraordinary creatures. Also, it’s one of the most-visited places in the city. The visitors have access to an eye-catching underwater tunnel through which they can see life under water. Ranging from reefs to giant turtles, this place is the best option for tourists looking to have a fun-filled adventurous visitation. The Penguin Ice Habitat enables tourists to witness adorable penguin’s actions. There’s a 4D informational cinema that helps visitors and students know more about different animal species in detail. The tourists can also see different animals, including meerkats and pandas at the Wildlife Conservation Park.

  1. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Being one of the best tourist attractions, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is home to several magical species. These gardens are spread across 15 acres and offer options and activities for the entire family. There are stunning glasshouses, a playground, and a gift shop surrounded by luscious greens. The gardens are popular for their extraordinary collection of bonsai trees and birds. Birmingham Botanical Gardens contain over 7000 exclusive plants. Also, this place features the British National Bonsai Collection. You can also visit these gardens to see Omiya Tree, which is a 250-year old Juniperus Chinensis standing proudly in its traditional upstanding style. There are many unusual plants and flowers in the nurseries.

  1. Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter is an industrial hub, located in central Birmingham UK. More than 40% of Britain’s jewellery is designed and manufactured in this area. There are over 200 jewellery shops in this area. This place is also home to the world’s biggest Assay Office. The top tourist destination in this area is the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, which enables the tourists to take an insider’s look in the jewellery trade. The Hall of Memory is another hot tourist destination, which was built to commemorate the warriors who sacrificed their lives in the Second World War. Make sure you pay a visit to the famous Pen Museum and know the history of how pens are made using 19th-century techniques. From museums to workshops, and bottomless brunches, this free-to-visit place should be a part of your list when you plan your visit after the pandemic.

  1. Cadbury World

Uncover a world of delicious chocolatey delights, and have a fun-filled day with your family at Cadbury World Birmingham. Here, you can explore how your favourite confectioneries are made. Also, you can purchase lots of chocolates and other treats for your friends and family back home. The tourists here get to learn about the rich history of chocolates. There’s also a big theme park attraction, and visitors can also enjoy a virtual chocolate rain to satisfy their chocolate cravings. While this place is currently close due to the pandemic, if you have kids, and you love chocolate, Cadbury World is a must-visit place for your next visit to the UK

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