The Best Places In The World To Catch The Most Remarkable Sunsets

Some of nature’s greatest moments come from places that you least expect and when exploring the world, you’re sure to witness some of it’s greatest sights. With no exception is witnessing a sunset as it disappears over the horizon. Whether they produce a glorious array of colour that turns the sky into a picturesque setting, or a gleaming reflection against the sea as it lowers, here are some of the best places to witness the most remarkable sunsets that the world has to offer.

Grundarfjour, Iceland

When you discover that the area is situated near a lava field which is covered in acres of ice and wintery settings, you know it’s sure to provide something spectacular. Grundarjordur is a small town based in Iceland which captures a spectacular background when the sun sets below the horizon. Although it can be relatively cold, it’s a journey that’s worth taking once you see the picture it provides behind the mountains. For an ideal viewpoint, consider staying at Hotel Framnes, which is one of a few based in the town.

Taj Mahal, India

If the presence of the Taj Mahal isn’t enough to take your fancy when you visit, consider what it has to offer during the evening too when the sun starts to set in the background. During the day, there are plenty of tourists admiring one of the wonders of the world and taking pictures. Be sure to have your camera ready during the evening too, where you can capture an astonishing setting behind one of the greatest architectural creations in the world.

Great Pyramids, Egypt

Providing a rather unique setting, not only are the Pyramids another wonder of the world but with sandy yellow surfaces and camels riding around in the distance, adding a stunning sunset in the background too can offer incredible views once the sun starts setting. The open space around the Pyramids means there’s nothing to get in the way as you take in the brilliance of Egypt.

Cabo De Sao Vicente, Algarve

Considered the most western point in Europe, this deserted area of the Algarve provides an open space from a cliff top where a unique pink sunset can be witnessed. Cabo De Sao Vicente has been dubbed as being the best place in the Algarve to watch the sunset, so you know you’re in for a true treat. Not only is the colour a unique aspect of the place but when you arrive, you’ll witness the horizon line blurring in the distance. With many opulent hotels and the choice of a luxury villa Vilamoura is one of the best places to stay if you want to experience a trip filled with travel, beach trips and stunning sunsets whilst living the life of luxury for a week or two.

Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro

Whilst Rio De Janeiro is considered one of the festival party capitals of the world, during the evening you can still take time away from the celebrations and visit Ipanema Beach where you can witness a truly amazing sunset behind the mountains which adds to the elegance of this world famous beach. If it’s a long stay that you’re looking for near Ipanema Beach, Hotel Fasano is based just a stone’s throw away, where you can also make the most of the stunning city landscapes which it offers.

If you’re a keen traveller then you’ll know that it’s one thing to try out different cultures and experiences that a country has to offer. Including these sunset spots on your itinerary can be the perfect way to finish off visiting a country, whilst you sit back and take some time to take in some of nature’s finest creations. If you ever get some spare time, be sure to consider one of these spots to visit.

Author: Natalie Wilson

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