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How will you be spending the bank holiday weekend travellers?

Compared to our European neighbours, the UK doesn’t do too well for bank holidays so it is important that we make the best of them!

Plan ahead

It is therefore somewhat surprising that according to research around 40% of the population are undecided on what to do in advance, in mitigation, this probably has a lot to do with our unpredictable weather! Even though if the weather is disappointing there are still plenty of places to visit. Rather than not plan at all and risk wasting the day, plan ahead for both warm, cold and rainy days! If you have children, many tourist attractions organise special activities at bank holidays. Do your research online in advance.

Do something different this Bank Holiday

We’re all guilty of doing the same old thing! Next bank holiday, think outside the square!

I’m sure at some stage over the last six months you’ve thought to yourself, I’d like to do that or I’d like to go there. Think back to those times, stop pondering, get out and do it. It could even be an opportunity to meet up with old friends or family or re-discovering old haunts.
Whatever you decide to do, have a great day!

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