6 Italian Locations To Add To Your Bucket List

Italy always seems to find itself on the lists of many travellers. With hundreds of places to visit, from big, bustling cities to quaint coastline villages, every one comes with its own identity and history, so you can’t really go wrong with a small holiday in Italy. Even if a lifetime isn’t enough to visit all the major tourist locations in there, there are definitely some cities and places everyone must add to their bucket list. Many of these could be kind of a surprise, but they are extremely worth your time. Buongiorno Italia, let’s see what you can offer!


The Eternal City must be the first one on this list. With architectonic masterpieces like the Colosseum and The Pantheon, Rome has been chosen by thousands of people for its history and the poetry which lives in every corner of this magnificent city. The tangible dualism of classical and the rising modernism on some roads of the city centre could satisfy both the ones who are looking for ancient history and the ones who are simply attracted to the Italian culture.

Must visits, when in Rome, are definitely the Vatican Museums, where you can see the whole history of Rome from its very first days, with treasures that are above mankind’s worth!


Keeping up with the cities which you must visit in Italy, Milan holds a strong second place. With again a strong dualism of classic places and architectonic masterpieces to visit (the Duomo, for example, is the pinnacle of classical architecture, in my opinion), “conflicting” with a strong business district and a very bubbly nightlife, Milan is amazing to visit during important events such as the Vogue Fashion Week or the (almost) as famous Design week, where parties and exclusive events are happening all around the city. The only downside of Milan? The costs. Thankfully, there are many bars and restaurants across the city which offer happy hour drink and restaurant deals, this just means that you need to do your research.


Are you a food fanatic? Then look forward to your Neapolitan trip, home of Pizza and many more traditional Italian dishes. Naples has an amazing seaside and it’s extremely close to “Hollywood” sceneries like Sorrento and Pompei, which, if you’re up for a small journey, could spice up your staying there. Naples in the past couple of years has become known for its high crime rate, so avoid certain areas which your local guide will tell you about.

Sicily and Sardinia

Sicily and Sardinia are two islands which are extremely close to the Italian’s mainland. Because of the fact that some places there have been recently added to the top 10 sceneries to see in the whole world, more tourists are now heading there to see what it is all about. Places like Stintino, for example, with its beaches and crystal blue water, are to die for. The best part of the whole thing? Sardinia and Sicily are generally extremely cheap to visit and dining out in a good restaurant will cost you in between 10 to 15 euros per person!


The city, which to this very date amounts for 35% of the entire country’s museums and history must be mentioned at least once. What many think, though, is the fact that Florence is just museums and static pieces of art attached to a wall but there are hundreds of architectonic masterpieces to see, from Dante’s house (which not many are aware of!) to the Duomo itself, Florence is a city which you will love forever.


Located in Puglia, in the south of Italy, Alberobello is a small village famous worldwide for its “Trulli”: whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs. Not only Alberobello is one niche destination for the architecture fanatics, but it is also a great scenery as it’s just minutes away from the seaside. The place isn’t “easily” reachable, as the public transports are not that well connected to the small village, but there are tons of buses and even car-sharing to reach it!

There are HUNDREDS of beautiful places in Italy, but these ones are the ones which everyone should visit at least once before they die. So whether if you’re a city person or a seaside fanatic, get yourself to Italy as soon as possible!

Guest Author: Natalie Wilson

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