Winter Sun

Winter Sun Destinations

If like me you hate Winter, a holiday with Winter Sun is something to look forward to. Here are some tips from the Travellers Club on where you could go.

Cape Town

It is a twelve hour flight, but with only a two hour time difference, there is no jet lag to worry about and prices are amazingly low. From January to April, temperatures will be in the mid to high twenties. As well as being an attractive city with plenty to see, there are amazing beaches including Clifton and Camps Bay. Click on this link for our Travellers Club Guide.

The Canary Islands

During our winter the ever popular islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria offer temperatures around 20℃, whilst not scorching, it’s warm enough to relax outside and have a pleasant evening stroll (with a jumper on!) Flight times are about four hours from London and good deals are often available from most operators.


Day time temperatures are normally in the low twenties making it a popular winter holiday destination for Americans based in the countries colder North-East. It’s a year round season with the Disney and Universal Resorts open all year. It’s also the best time of the year to visit the Everglades.

West Indies

You can expect temperatures in the mid twenties Celsius during January and February even though it is their Winter. December to April are considered the best time of the year to visit, avoiding the wet and hurricane seasons. Barbados is rightly popular with UK visitors, the island has excellent resorts, is friendly and has plenty to do. Click to visit the Caribbean Tourist Office Website.




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