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British Airways Investment

It’s not been a good year for our national airline, British Airways. Neither the scrapping of free food on short haul flights or the IT breakdown have gone down well with the travelling public. More and more people are questioning whether to pay the BA premium or choose a budget airline instead.

The British Airways investment announced this week aims to assure us that travel with BA is going to get better. Up to around 70 new planes and a refurbishing of the existing fleet is planned. Other improvements include WiFi and power sockets in economy and improved food in long haul.

Is this enough?

For many years, British Airways had an enviable reputation, this has been damaged. All airlines have had to adjust to the new market, some such as Monarch and Air Italia have failed. BA has made mistakes, but hopefully is now moving back in the right direction. The modern traveler does not expect the services of the past nor are they willing to pay for it, they do though expect to be treated respectfully and efficiently.

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