Re-roofing The Vyne

A unique Stately Home Visit Experience – Re-roofing The Vyne

The Vyne near Basingstoke in Hampshire is a sixteenth century stately home belonging to the National Trust. It has had a rich history including visits by Henry VIII and his huge entourage. Most old properties require quite a bit of maintenance, when they are 500 years old and very large, it’s maintenance on a grand scale. With many leaks, the National Trust had no option but to set about re-roofing The Vyne, a £5.4 million project.

Re-roofing The Vyne – a unique visitor experience

Most of us never have the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of a Stately Home, now is your opportunity. As part of the project, a public viewing gallery around the roof’s perimeter has been constructed. Since it opened earlier this year, over 100,000 visitors have donned high-vis jackets and taken the lift to the top!

The views are amazing, despite The Vyne being reduced in size over the years, the roof is still huge. The stylish Tudor chimneys dwarf you and the complexity of the roof with it’s valleys and drainage channels resemble a giant maze. Where the tiles have been removed, there is evidence of many nests; the house has been home to many birds and bats as well as humans.

The project also gives the Trust the opportunity to improve fire safety and to provide safer access points for future maintenance. The ground floor of the house remains open as a museum during the works. The gardens, walks and cafe are all open as usual.

You can record your contribution to this massive restoration project by tagging a tile for £5.

Re-roofing The Vyne

re-roofing the vyne

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