Top Tips For Packing Like A Pro When Solo Travelling

There are plenty of things to consider before beginning your solo travelling adventure, but packing for your trip is one of the essential matters that you need to get right. Pack too much and you’ll be stopping and starting on your travels constantly. Pack too little and it’ll leave you in a pretty bare situation. Whatever the type of solo travel you’re embarking on, you need to be clever about how you pack. Luckily, there are universal tips when it comes to packing that you can consider so you can worry about more important things, such as which destination you’re planning to go to next. Read on for some tips that are sure to help.

Choose The Right Type Of Luggage

Before you even think about what you’re looking to pack, you first need to decide what type of luggage you’ll take. Think about the type of travel you’re going on, where you’re going and how long you’re going for. For example, a suitcase is great if you’re going on a family holiday but it’s not practical for backpacking or hiking.

These are the points you need to consider when you’re choosing your luggage type:

– Size and weight
Features (wheels, handles, compartments etc.)
– Durability
– Price
– Support

Mix and Match Your Clothes

Bringing clothes that can go with most outfits should definitely be what you think about when choosing them. You want to travel light, so bringing clothes that you can only wear once or for certain occasions is pointless. Simple colours and basic designs are perfect when you want to mix and match your outfits. However, you should also consider any arrangements that you’ve made which would require a dress code. For example, when you visit temples, as a sign of respect, your skin needs to be covered, so consider longer length items.

Wear The Heavy Stuff

Heavy items that you pack are going to take up the most space which is why wearing them whilst you’re travelling makes sense. Regardless of temperature and destination, it’s important to be smart whilst you’re solo travelling, and keeping your bag as light as possible will be essential considering how much travelling you’ll be doing.

Consider Packing Cubes

For the ultimate resource in packing organisation, there’s no other solution than packing cubes. They’re light and durable cubes which not only save space but also mean less hassle when you’re looking for items or clothes to wear. Get them in different sizes to cater to your luggage and clothes that you’re looking to pack.

Roll Rather Than Fold

It’s still difficult to understand how rolling your clothes can save space but it does, and that’s all we need to know. Even with the addition of packing cubes, resort to rolling your clothes to save even more space and have the privilege of potentially packing more. Not only does rolling your clothes benefit from saving space, but it can also prevent your clothes from creasing which can save you a serious ironing job when you eventually come to unpack.

Pack A Power Bank

Let’s face it, nowadays our life and soul is on our mobile phones. Long gone are the days where we just use them for communication as we now find ourselves using our phones for practically everything, from checking maps to get around, to setting calendar reminders for particular events. This makes a battery pack a necessity so that you can keep up to date and ensure regular communication with people you know. Pack a battery pack when you’re travelling so that you have a back up for when your battery’s about to die.

Prioritise Security With Your Funds

Any traveller will tell you that their worst nightmare would be being stranded in a different country or place they are unfamiliar with and have no funds to get them out of the situation. This is why when travelling solo, you need to be extra cautious about your money and keeping it safe whilst you travel. There are handy wearable luggage items that you can purchase that keep your funds in tight places, or you can just be clever about how you store your money. Separate your cash from your cards, only take a certain amount of cash with you out wherever you can and utilise ‘hard-to-get’ places such as your shoes or sock as storage space.

Travelling to different destinations and places you’ve been to before is a great experience and one that, if possible, you can do without too much stress. This is why it’s beneficial to get the basic elements that you can control sorted out way in advance. So, consider these packing tips when you’re preparing for your travels and ensure you have your UK Visa sorted for the countries where you will need it and have your passport at the ready so that any issues you do come across are situations that mean less out of your hands.

Author: Natalie Wilson

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