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Why Your Best Friend Is Not Necessarily the Best Travel Companion

Travelling with your best friends might seem like an exciting idea…both of you share so many ups and downs on a daily basis, so why wouldn’t you go on a relaxing holiday together? When you think of it, all kinds of fun ideas come to mind. However, just wait for a second before you make a list of travel destinations to suggest to your best friend. Ask yourself if there is a possibility that your best friend is not necessarily the best travel companion, regardless of how close you two are.

There might be good reasons why your best friend is not necessarily the best travel companion

Just because you’ve been close for so many years, it doesn’t mean you two could definitely spend two weeks in each others pockets – whether backpacking or even in total peace by the sea. When people have completely different wishes and plans during a travel journey, it can get more challenging to have a relaxing time. Now is an excellent time to sit with yourself and consider whether travelling with your best friend is a good idea.

Different personalities and travel goals

If you and your best friend have different preferences, it might be tricky to plan a trip together in the first place. After all, best friends don’t necessarily have the same wishes and needs. However, the problem arises if one of you is, for example, a bit more social than the other one. One will want to meet new people and end up unexpectedly at a wild party, while the other will prefer a relaxing time by the beach. In this case, one of you ends up being left out.

Different travel goals are also some of the most common reasons even best friends go separate ways on holiday. For instance, if you travel just to explore, hike, and sightsee, your friend who is more into shopping and partying might not be willing to compromise. Of course you both have the right to each of your travel goals and wishes, but the point of holidaying together isn’t to spend all your time separately!

You don’t like the same travel style

Some people prefer a more relaxing, ad-hoc type of holiday, while others prefer to have an entire itinerary planned out. Although this doesn’t seem like an obstacle at first, it can quickly become one! Simply put, some people feel anxious if they don’t have a defined schedule, which is something others may find frustrating. Furthermore, it can even get difficult for people to agree on choosing accommodation and transportation. That’s why you and your best friends must be on a similar page regarding travelling styles.

Incompatible entertainment preferences

Besides sightseeing and dining, entertainment is one of the main goals for travellers. This is especially important when travelling with a friend you want to have a fun time with. Do you share the same interests and entertainment ideas – if you can’t find a middle ground, then it’s very likely you might end up going to different restaurants, parties, clubs, or pubs.

Your friend is inflexible or unwilling to compromise

Just because your best friend is there for you in need, it doesn’t mean you will always get along in every single situation. Stubbornness and bossiness are some personality traits which are impossible to overcome. Calmness and compromise will stop one of your friends taking over the entire holiday!

What if you have already planned a trip with your best friend?

Let’s say you are about to go on a holiday to Miami with your best friend. Before you set off, there are ways you can make this trip beneficial for both of you. Since you’ll spend some time here with your best friend, sit down and have an honest conversation before the trip. Luckily for both of you, there are a lot of fun things to do in Miami, which is why it shouldn’t be hard to reach a compromise. If your friend prefers elegant restaurants, having lunch or dinner in one of them won’t hurt. If you’d like to give a try to surfing or sailing in Miami, you can do it while your friend spends time sightseeing, dining at some of the most visited Miami dining spots, etc.

It’s a waste of time to remain in disagreement and miss out on all the joy you can have in Miami. Whatever you think, it’s possible to combine an array of different activities, so you and your best friend can have fun. A quick internet search will take you to travel web pages with so much helpful information and advice. So, pour yourself a drink and sit down with your friend to devise a shared plan.

If your best friend is still impossible to go on holiday with…

You’ve tried your best to reach a compromise, and still, it looks like your best friend is not necessarily the best travel companion…why not try a weekend together as a test. Admitting that you two just don’t get along on the same holiday is completely fine and won’t change the course of your friendship. Rest assured, there are ways you can spend quality time together without being dissatisfied, bored or argueing!

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