Travel Gift Ideas

Christmas Travel Gift Ideas

Christmas is great, it’s deciding what presents to buy that spoils it! Here are some gift ideas for people that love to travel.

Passport Holder

Well used passports soon get tatty, before long they won’t work in readers, holder protect them, even personalised ones are available. Look out for ones that are not too bulky.

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Flight Socks

As well as safety claims, these are comfortable for long haul flights. Once only in boring black, designer flight are now available.

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Travel Pillow

Until you use one, you don’t realise how good they are. Cheap ones give insufficient support, so be prepared to spend a little more.

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Travel Books

Books, I mean the real things, printed on paper are enjoying a revival. There are some great books out there, for travel just about everywhere has something written about it.

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Toiletry Bags

Your chance to replace a partners worn out and possibly smelly bag. As well as the designer names, there are other great bags on offer.

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Power Packs

The trend with smartphones seems to be more features but shorter battery life! Travel power packs help extend your hours of listening to music or communicating, and you can’t have too many.

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