queensferry crossing

Queensferry Crossing – Crossing the Firth of Forth

Regular travellers north of Edinburgh know only too well of the shortcomings of the Forth Road Bridge, almost everyday, the fifty three year old bridge suffers delays. The new Queensferry Crossing built at a cost of around £1.35 billion will address this.

New Bridge

The 1.6 mile long new toll bridge joins Edinburgh to Fife, crossing the river west of the existing bridge. Nearly 700 feet high, the eight lane bridge is the highest of it’s type. Designers hope it will last over one hundred years. As well as sheer size to accommodate more traffic, technology is used to reduce delays. It is also hoped that the design will reduce the need to restrict high vehicles.

Old Bridge

Opened in 1964, the Forth Bridge replaced the ferry, ironically now remembered in the new bridge’s name. Traffic growth and corrosion took their toll. The old bridge will stay open for public transport and cycles.

Forth Rail Bridge

The new Queensferry Crossing with it’s three supporting towers and cables gives a similar shaped outline to the iconic Forth Bridge, the oldest crossing opened in 1890 to take the trains across the Forth.  Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the bridge is a symbol of Edinburgh much as the Eiffel Tower is of Paris.

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