ryanair's luggage policy

New Ryanair luggage policy starts on January 15th 2018

Don’t be caught out by the new Ryanair luggage policy applying from January 15th 2018.

New basic allowance

One small bag measuring a maximum of 35x20x20 cm can be taken into the aircraft cabin, it should fit under the seat in front of you. This allowance covers most handbags and some laptop bags but not much more. A second bag with a maximum size of 55x40x20 cm and weighing no more than 10kg can be taken free of charge but will be tagged at the gate and placed in the hold. This will need collecting at the baggage carousel after arrival If you exceed the allowance you risk a charge of £50 per item.

Priority and Two Cabin Bags – NEW

If as many of us do, want to take our wheelie bag with us on the flight, you will now have to pay an additional £5 for priority boarding with two cabin bags. The same size and weight limits apply as above.

Checked in baggage

The allowance has been increased to 20kg aligning it with many other airlines. The fee has been cut to £25 providing it was pre-booked online.

Our take

On full flights as most Ryanair ones are,  there isn’t enough luggage space if everyone takes a wheelie case with them. Sorting out too much luggage can cause delays and raise tempers! Frequent travellers make sure they board quickly so their luggage doesn’t get bumped into the hold. Cynics may accuse Ryanair of using this to raise revenue, others will agree that if you pay a bit more to guarantee cabin bin space it’s worth it. For many, if it streamlines boarding and reduces delays, it’s a positive move. If on the other hand, everyone now buys priority, we are back to square one!

In countering the profiteering claim, Ryanair point out that by reducing checked baggage charges they will lose revenue.

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